Coconut & Cinnamon Sweet Potato Wedges Recipe

This recipe is for avid snackers, as a side for a Sunday night dinner or for the picky toddler to snack on. I make these wedges for my Daughter almost weekly as a snack and she gobbles them up quickly! The natural sweetness to sweet potatoes, coconut oil and cinnamon contrasted with the salt and pepper make for one delicious option! The best part about these wedges are that they’re incredibly easy and affordable to make!


Hair tutorial: how to get perfect loose curls with a curling wand

I have always loved doing my own hair, so much so that I had a hard time giving up that control when I hired a stylist for my wedding day. Thank God I found the most amazing stylist who totally rocked and worked magic on my tresses that day, You can find Emylea’s website and all her amazingness HERE.


Why you NEED to take a Blogging Break: Signs & Symptoms of “The Frazzled Blogger”

I have been a little MIA when it comes to my blogging these past few weeks and there have been some good reasons why. We finally tied the knot this August and planning a wedding while Mumming AND blogging was just not working out. Then I went on a much needed honeymoon with my now Husband to Italy (bucket list item CHECKED), and when I got home? I needed to spend what I had left of Summer with my little one who was so patient while her Dad and I planned our big day. As Bloggers, we all have busy lives, times of stress, moments of severe writers block..


Try THIS routine for perfect skin on your wedding day

I came across Lewin & Reilly skin care months ago and believe me when I say, I wish I had stumbled upon it sooner. I have been so lucky enough to test out some amazing skin care products over the years but I have really found a favourite when it comes to Lewin & Reilly’s product line. Rarely do I find a company that gets my full approval and excitement for every single product in their line but this group of magical skin potions have certainly done it for me. Not to mention, I absolutely adore the owners who are so lovely to speak with and really know what they’re doing when it comes to natural skin care. (more…)

DIY Kitty Cat Themed Birthday Party

My little one turned 2 this year and when I asked her what type of birthday she wanted it didn’t surprise me at all that “kitty” was her answer. She loves all things kitty cats and so I went to all the stores to try and put together this party for her. Unfortunately, unless you’re looking for a popular character from a TV show or movie like ‘Hello Kitty’ or ‘Cat in the Hat’, there aren’t many options when it comes to this theme (where is good old ‘Lisa Frank’ from the 90’s when you need her). So I decided to take to Pinterest and found some easy and very affordable DIY decorations to make sure my girl got her special day. I decided to share my finds just incase theres another little one asking their Mama for cats instead of Disney characters for their big day.


‘The Beauty Archive’ of Sweden: Finding the ‘Perfect Pout’ for Bridal Season

Finding Lip colours has always been a struggle for me. I have a hard time finding a neutral that works for my pale complexion, a red that isn’t too far orange or too far blue, and while pinks work best for me, I’m still picky about the tone so I don’t look too overdone in my day to day life. Every once in a while I stumble upon colours that just work.


Over the Moon for MUN skin & body care

I can’t wait to share the MUN brand with all of you. This is a line filled with so much meticulous care within each formulation that is quickly evident to all who try it. Not to mention the owner Munemai and her amazing staff are some of the most lovely people around. After gushing over their oil cleanser in a recent blog post that addresses how to get rid of acne with oil cleansing (read all about it HERE), I was so grateful to receive the rest of their line to test out and share with all of you. When it comes to MUN skincare I don’t really know where to start, its just so amazing. From its high quality product to the sleek & chic black glass bottles, I just can’t tell you all how much I adore this line. I wanted to touch on every single product that I’ve tried, so here it goes:


Wedding Bells!

You might have noticed I’ve been a bit MIA on the blog and social media lately and there has been very good reason for that… We are engaged!


The Vegan Subscription Box of Indie Beauty Dreams: Unboxing April

Everyone knows my love for the Sunday Mood Box. This box comes filled to the brim every month with vegan indie brands that are sure to make each 30 days super exciting! I opened up Aprils box and was so so excited so I wanted to share with you all the gorgeous picks from the past month:


50 Ways to Practice Self Care as a Busy Mom

** this post contains affiliate links **

Moms get busy. Moms tend to forget about themselves very easily. I personally find it difficult to add self care into my daily routine and so I’ve compiled a list of quick and effective ways to practice self care that don’t involve a whole lot of time! While it would be great to be able to cut out a block of time each day to ourselves, when you’re raising tiny humans, that just isn’t gonna fly. So here are my favourite things to do when I’m feeling a little run down: