Natural Cleaning Hacks: 10 Household Cleaner Recipes using only 4 affordable Ingredients

I do my fair share of cleaning everyday and I despise using conventional cleaning products. They’re toxic, they smell so strong  that they give me headaches, and I just can’t wrap my head around “cleaning” something with another thing that isn’t actually “clean” in itself. I grew up with a Ukrainian Mother & Grandmother who each taught me everything about using the earth in food, cleaning and hygiene. Thanks to their influence, I have always used very basic ingredients to clean my home so I’m letting you in on some of my best natural cleaning hacks for the household (I do have to give credit to my Mother for passing down most of them, where would we be without our Mothers right?). Best part? You only need 4 very affordable ingredients to make every single one of these recipes/hacks. This regime will help keep your house squeaky clean, keep you on budget since you can ditch the expensive cleaners, and keep your house “chemical free”.

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Natural Beauty Product of the Week: Clove + Hallow Lip Velvets

I have always loved to play around with makeup. I am no make up professional but it has always been my jam. When I switched to green beauty, I didn’t have any leads to the amazing green beauty brands I know and love today. I didn’t have an Instagram account, green beauty wasn’t showcased in major magazines like it is starting to be now, and stores didn’t sell brands that were natural at the time. So I took to google, and though it took me years to find the brands I love to date, I have tried so many makeup lines with clean ingredients. That being said, I have tried it all and I am incredibly strict with my rule of natural dupes having to perform just as well or BETTER than the conventional brands I once loved. The reason? I knew I would revert back to toxic options if I didn’t love the healthy swaps. This is why I tell anyone who wants to switch to green beauty that you have to find your perfect fits. Nowadays there are more brands using clean ingredients, more influencers that are sharing their passion for natural beauty and more brands creating clean and high performing products.

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Kaia Earth Serum Review + How to Choose the Right Skin Care Serum

Serums have always been one of those products that I am very selective of. When it comes to choosing an effective serum, its important to know what exactly it is that a serum does.  A serum is meant to deliver nutrients deep into the under layers of your skin and is applied after cleansing & toning, and precedes oils, moisturizers, and balms. I have always wondered why on earth conventional companies would create serums with synthetic or harmful ingredients. What good could come from adding toxic substances to promote a natural organ like your skin? We don’t ingest toxic substances to promote good liver health so why do we allow our skin to ingest toxic substances thinking it will create good quality skin health? I’ve put together some tips on how I choose an effective serum for my skin and am sharing my new green beauty skin care find from Kaia Earth, their Moisturizing Serum. It soothes the skin and locks in moisture, I’ve been loving it during the harsher winter months and its found a comfortable spot on my beauty shelf.


2017 Green Beauty Black Friday + Cyber Monday Sales

Here is the round up of sales coming at you this Black Friday & Cyber Monday in the green beauty world! Let me know in the comments if you wanted me to check in on any other brands to add to this list. Happy Sale Hunting!



2017 Green Beauty Holiday Gift Guide

This year I’ve put together a number of holiday gift guides to help others make their lists or shop for their loved ones. Anyone who follows my blog knows that I am a Green Beauty advocate and its really the theme that kick started this entire blog to where it was. Its where I hold a great deal of knowledge, from researching my butt off for years to testing product after product. I only share the ones I truly love on this blog and so what better opportunity to point you in the right direction than the holidays? Here’s a list of my Green Beauty MUST HAVES that you can shop directly from this post. Send this to your gift givers as a subtle *hint hint* or use it as your personal guide to spoil your people (or yourself).

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Vegan Quinoa Stuffed Bell Peppers Recipe

This is the perfect recipe to get loads of healthy protein, complex carbohydrates and veggies into your diet. You can really hide any vegetable you want in this delicious stuffed pepper.. and thats a trick every Mother knows all too well.


Minimalist Christmas Decorations from Etsy

I am a sucker for minimalism. Everything about it makes my heart flutter and I couldn’t have been more excited when i found these gorgeous handmade and minimalist Christmas decorations from Etsy. I love a good Etsy hunt, I especially love supporting handmade businesses where you can find one of a kind designs that aren’t mass produced in huge department stores. I never thought to look for Christmas decor on Etsy but I came across these magical finds and thought I’d share them with you as the holiday decorating season is upon us!

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The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide For Her

Attention Ladies! I’ve compiled a holiday guide for us Gals because sometimes it can be hard to take the time out to ‘Google’ that perfect something (So, I’ve ‘Googled’ for you!). Thanks to Amazon, I was able to put together a list that has a bit of everything at all different price points. Click the images to shop and share this list with your loved ones to send a subtle *hint hint*.

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Essential Oil Diffuser Blends for Fall & Winter

Diffusing essential oils might be my love language. There is nothing more satisfying than filling your home up with intoxicating blends while watching a diffuser sprinkle mist into the air. I just really love everything about the entire ritual and blending different oils to set a mood is just one of those things I like to dabble in. Not to mention, Fall is my absolute FAVOURITE season and usually when I bust out the diffuser more often. Something about cozy knit sweaters, warm drinks, and a home that smells divine just scream perfection. I thought I would share some blends I use during the Fall and Winter months and introduce you all to Vitruvi.


THIS ergonomical travel pillow has solved uncomfortable sleep on flights

Sometimes you find the holy grail when it comes to a product and I think I might have stumbled upon one here. It came a little late for my trip to Italy, but let me tell you how badly I could have used this head pillow on the flights back and forth. Instead I was left curling up into a ball against the window of the plane and those dreaded metal arm rests (that never seem to move all the way up so they aren’t sticking into your sides). I for one am all about inventions like this because as a Mother of one who has put myself in a plethora of awkward breastfeeding/sleeping positions, driven long distances at a previous job, and been not so easy on my body in sports, I tend to have a very compromisable neck and back. When travelling, I almost always book the overnight flights so I don’t cut into my sightseeing but I never seem to be able to get the rest I need while on route. The last thing anyone needs is to begin a vacation with a pulled neck or back pain. In steps my new travel friend from MonPere.

This post is sponsored by MonPere.