12 Health Benefits of Diffusing Essential Oils & How to Choose a Diffuser


In the last five years or so there has been quite a buzz surrounding essential oils. They have gone mainstream, and while I am completely pro essential oil, I know that this big boom of popularity has come with its downfalls. This includes: the distribution of oils that are not as high quality as they are portrayed, the improper use of oils (including the advice to have your children ingest certain essential oils, yikes), or using oils in a way that destroys their quality or potency. Essential oils contain a plethora of health benefits, but whether or not you’re using them properly is what determines the level of benefits you’ll actually receive.

I have used essential oils in my household for years now. I have used them in DIY beauty recipes, during times of illness, throughout my pregnancy (under direction of a Naturopath), during times of stress or insomnia.. adding essential oils into my life has helped “take the edge off” in many different scenarios. I have experienced some amazing benefits using oils and I diffuse them in our home often. Diffusing oils can be such a benefit to you and your family, so I’ve compiled a list of some of the benefits you can experience when diffusing Essential Oils:


(1) Boost immunity

(2) Cognitive function

(3) Relaxation/stress

(4) Sleep performance

(5) Cooling effect in warm weather

(6) Breathing quality/congestion

(7) Replace toxic candles

(8) Bug repellant

(9) Meditation Enhancement

(10) Mood lifting

(11) Easier to Wake from sleep

(12) Air purifying/Anti bacterial

While there are so many ways you can use an essential oil, I wanted to zero in on one very popular way to receive these benefits: diffusing. This method requires the use of a diffuser machine which releases essential oils into the air for you to breathe. It is also a great alternative to toxic laden air wicks, air freshener sprays or scented candles. There are TWO very important factors to consider when diffusing oils and they are:

  1. The QUALITY of the essential oil (which will be another article for another day)
  2. The QUALITY of the diffuser itself

Diffusers are becoming more and more available these days as their popularity grows, but are you really getting all of the benefits you’re hoping for when you purchase one without doing your research? My answer is: probably not. After doing some of my own research, narrowing down my choices, and luckily stumbling upon one seriously amazing company.. I have finally found a diffuser that hits all of the check marks and delivers quality oils into my environment. Organic Aromas creates one of the highest quality diffusers I have ever stumbled across and here are some reasons why I’ve chosen this model over others.


(1) Plastic Free: this diffuser has been created using only glass and wood. It does  not contain a single ounce of plastic in its design and this feature alone speaks to the quality of the diffuser and the care taken in its construction.

(2) Nebulizer technology (Heat free diffusing): This Diffuser uses a different technology than most diffusers you’ll find on the market. Nebulizing technology does not use heat or water to diffuse your oils. This method will maintain the natural scent of the oil as well as its quality. A Nebulizing Diffuser will use pressurized air rather than heat to disperse oils into the air.

(3) It’s Quiet: This Diffuser is ‘Oh So Quiet’ and gives off a very slight humming noise from micro vibrations while it is nebulizing (which I personally find soothing).

(4) Consistent Release: Organic Aromas uses nebulizing technology to consistently disperse oils into the air. You will not hear a random mist as you do with most diffusers that work on a timer and don’t allow for the proper introduction of oils into the air. There is a setting for low to high nebulizing depending on how quickly you want the diffuser to work. I tend to start mine up on a higher setting for a minute or so and then turn it down to a lower setting for the remainder of each session.

(5) Quality of Oils Remains Intact: Your Essential Oils will not be compromised by heat or by mixing them with water. You are sure to receive all of the benefits of the oil itself as this diffuser will deliver the oil in its purest state.

This Diffuser couldn’t have come at a better time for my Family. Once Cold & Flu season hits it can be difficult to keep viruses out of the home. I have been diffusing immunity blends when pesky colds flood our home and it has been a life saver in that respect. I know the quality of the oils diffused were not compromised, which meant they successfully delivered anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties into the air of our home. Diffused Oils also have a bit of a super power when it comes to congestion, they always seem to help open up my airways and relieve congested sinuses which is one symptom I could do without!

This Diffuser has a forever home in my living room and will remain there for years to come. If you’re looking to add essential oils into your life and want to try diffusing, I highly recommend you check out the Organic Aromas website HERE where you’ll find a selection of diffusers and oil blends to choose from.

Happy Diffusing!



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