Cream of Kale, Red Onion & Celery Soup (Vegetarian & Ketogenic Friendly)

When I heard the term “Ketogenic lifestyle”, I was in University completing my degree in Psychology. I learned about this diet as a remedy for many mental health ailments, as well for children who are on the Autism Spectrum. This diet is starting to gain a following in popular culture as some stars like Halle Berry sing its praises for weight loss, anti-aging, and its reversal of many symptoms of diabetes. In many cases, people who wish to lose weight will use this diet as it strictly controls carbohydrate intake and calls for high fat and moderate protein. I am not always one to hop on to extreme ways of eating but it really peaked my interest and what better time to try it than before my wedding day.


One thing to remember is that I am not in any way suggesting anyone try a ketogenic diet unless they’ve discussed with their doctor first. There are some things to consider when thinking about cutting carbs and adding high fat and it isn’t my place (or anyones place who lacks medical credentials) to suggest this. I am sharing this recipe because: (a) its delicious, and (b) to provide a tasty vegetarian option for anyone who is already leading a ketogenic lifestyle. It can be hard to eat keto-friendly foods when you aren’t a meat eater as many options are to eat high fat meats, but I managed to eat healthy on keto for months and kept it relatively interesting. You don’t have to eat only low nutrient foods like red meat, cheese, and eggs on Keto. In fact, adding in nutrient dense vegetables and eating the other items in moderation are the way to go.

So here’s the most delicious comfort soup I just can’t get enough of:


This recipe is the perfect warm comfort soup for Winter and Fall. garnish with some fresh kale, and red onion. Serve it up with half an avocado and you have yourself a nutrient dense ketogenic and animal friendly meal!



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