Essential Oil Diffuser Blends for Fall & Winter

Diffusing essential oils might be my love language. There is nothing more satisfying than filling your home up with intoxicating blends while watching a diffuser sprinkle mist into the air. I just really love everything about the entire ritual and blending different oils to set a mood is just one of those things I like to dabble in. Not to mention, Fall is my absolute FAVOURITE season and usually when I bust out the diffuser more often. Something about cozy knit sweaters, warm drinks, and a home that smells divine just scream perfection. I thought I would share some blends I use during the Fall and Winter months and introduce you all to Vitruvi.


Vitruvi is a luxury essential oil company that creates the most gorgeous stone diffusers (I own the black diffuser and adore it) and provides top notch organic essential oils. Their oils are such high quality and I can’t get enough of the packaging (any minimalists dream).

Essential oils are rooted so much in nature making them a healthy alternative to burning candles in your home and they are SO therapeutic.  Essential oils bring an abundance of therapeutic benefits and work to create mindfulness via aroma therapy (as long as you’re using them safely: Consult a medical professional when pregnant or nursing, educate yourself on which essential oils are safe to have around children and pets, and I always say NEVER to ingest essential oils like many MLM companies are suggesting lately).

I’ve put together some of my favourite blends that I’ve been blending in my stone diffuser this Fall and will keep blending into Winter. I’ve put them in a list for you to try (scroll down), and you can find most of these essential oils  from the recipes from Vitruvi HERE. I recommend doing your research when choosing high quality essential oils, in this case, I’ve done it for you and highly recommend Vitruvi as an excellent source or organic and pure essential oils.




Fall & Winter Essential Oil Blends


Floral Garden {5 drops Geranium + 5 drops Bergamot}

For when you’re missing Spring and Summer months and need a bit of garden essence.


Congestion Ease {6 drops Eucalyptus}

For when you have caught one of the pesky viruses that fly around during the colder months and need a bit of nasal relief. You can also add a few drops of eucalyptus to a warm bath. 


Grounding {7 drop Frankincense + 3 drops Sweet Orange}

The cold weather and snow make it impossible to go outside barefoot and ground yourself so heres a blend that will help bring a sense of calm and stability to your home.


Energy {6 drops Rosemary + 4 drops Lemon}

 Sometimes the cooler months bring shorter days with more darkness. The lack of Vitamin D can wreak havoc on our mood and immune system. Blend this to uplift your spirits and brighten your mood.


Fresh Forest {5 drops Cedarwood + 5 drops Spruce}

 Get the scents of the forest in your home for the ultimate sense of refreshment. It will bring a similar effect to walking through a forest on a cooler day (reminiscent of Christmas tree hunting).


Fall Feels {3 drops Sweet Orange + 3 drops Cedarwood}

This blend is perfect to bring into the home during Fall months for the ultimate comfort blend.


Spring Fresh {2 drops Lime + 5 drops Benzoin}

This blend will help remind you of days when the sun was out and the flowers have sprung. Best for anyone who experiences seasonal blues and needs a boost of fresh spring in their home. 


Tea Cozy {5 drops Vanilla + 2 drops sweet orange}

 This blend best resembles a cup of fresh herbal tea. Vanilla always adds a sense of calm and soothing to a room while sweet orange provides a boost of natural energy.


These blends should help you embrace the coolness of Fall and Winter. Vitruvi puts together their own therapeutic blends like their new diffusing line HERE and their mists & roll ons HERE. I’ve personally tried STILL and WAKE (pictured below) and love how easy and effective they are, I pop the roll ons in my purse to bring along with me if I need a boost during the day. Simply roll the blend on your palms, wrists, temples, back of the neck, breathe in and enjoy!

If you’re looking to add some oils into your home and want good quality organic oils that are in their pure form, then Vitruvi is the way to go. Grab yourself a stone diffuser while you’re at it to enjoy the gorgeous aromas throughout your home.

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  • Mysha says:

    Oh, wow! They look so pretty in those tiny bottles! <3 I've never really used a diffuser, nor essential oils, but I should really try them out!

    • Bloom & Clementine says:

      They’re great to add to the household 🙂 Not only can you diffuse them but you can use them to clean, make beauty products.. so many things! 🙂

  • Laura says:

    Ooh I was just telling a friend I want to start diffusing oils more. I use oils for everything else but not ambience. These sound like such good blends. I especially love the tea cozy one, sounds delicious!

    • Bloom & Clementine says:

      The tea cozy is one of my favourite blends 🙂 I hope you try and like it!!

  • Ashley says:

    I absolutely love essential oils and I will definitely have to save this!

  • I have been wanting to try this! Bookmarking this page, so many great ideas! Thanks

  • Tiara says:

    I’m going to have to save this. I love love LOVE essential oils in my house. I need a new diffuser.

    • Bloom & Clementine says:

      I hope you love it!!!! 🙂 Let me know if you have any questions

  • Wow these are awesome and I love that you have named what essential oil works for what! The stone diffuser is gorgeous! 🙂

  • Mayra says:

    Never tried essential oils really. I had planned to use them during labor and not sure if the doula used them or not to be honest. Going to have to try some out.

    • Bloom & Clementine says:

      They are really great! Let me know how you like them or if you have any questions 🙂

  • Meredith says:

    Your pictures are so gorgeous it makes me want to buy all of these!!!!

  • Belle says:

    Such a great list! I definitely need that congestion ease recipe!

    Belle |

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