How to Detox your Underarms: The Takesumi Detox

Switching to a natural lifestyle after years of using conventional products can be daunting, especially when you learn that even after switching over to the green side there can still be remnants of toxic ingredients that linger in your body in mass amounts. Using conventional deodorant is the perfect example of this. Most deodorants are filled with aluminum, among many other toxic ingredients, which wreak havoc on your entire system (and is well documented to cause breast cancer in women). Even after switching to a natural alternative there may still be side effects that occur when in the “transition period” and these can be prolonged if you don’t plan on helping your underarms with a detox treatment in the process. Many men and women find that they can’t get rid of the excess smell or they notice a red rash when they stop using their conventional brand. Both of these side effects can lead to men and women giving up on the entire idea of natural deodorants far too early when all they needed was a bit more time and a little extra underarm TLC. What does this all mean? In addition to switching to a natural deodorant, you should consider detoxing your armpits to draw out impurities and toxic remnants that are still present under your arms. 

Now here’s the deal, many individuals in the green community despise the word ‘detox’ as they claim that you can never fully detoxify your body and that it doesn’t result in 100% purity. So when I discuss the topic of “detoxifying” I am referring to your ability to help your body let go of some un-needed toxic elements floating around. You will always be in detox mode thanks to our friend the Liver and environmental toxins will always wreak havoc on our systems but we can reduce the affects that outside sources have on our bodies (“Toxins” is another controversial word, as some suggest that it equates with the word ‘chemical’ and that “even water is a chemical so you can’t suggest they are bad for you”. However, when I use this term I am referring to the toxins and chemicals that are well known to have negative effects on the human body. I am in no way suggesting that every chemical on earth is bad, but there are toxic and non-toxic chemicals). I think these words are okay to use so long as you aren’t using them to generalize or create blanket statements. So with that, today I am going to discuss ways that you can help your underarms detoxify while in transition to healthier options.

There are two methods that I’ve used successfully when it comes to detoxing underarms. The first method is a DIY paste: -mix equal parts of bentonite clay with apple cider vinegar -form a thick paste -let that sit on your armpits for up to 15-30 minutes -wash off with a cloth and cool water. **You will notice your underarms are red and that is simply due to the bentonite clay creating circulation (by bringing blood to the surface of your skin via its strong cathartic properties).**


This is a very effective method that I had used when I first switched to natural deodorant but it can be messy and takes time out of your day to accomplish. This hasn’t been an easy task since having a baby as I just don’t have the time to sit down (without a toddler using my body as a jungle gym and likely getting that sticky paste all over my furniture). So I ventured out to find another option and I found one that was easy to use, effective, and could be used as a deodorant as well (multi use products make my heart skip a beat). Kaia Naturals has created a product that I just can’t get enough of and its called the Takesumi Detox. This combines the cathartic and detoxifying properties of activated charcoal with other non-irritating ingredients as a deodorant stick that pulls excess toxins from beneath your skin. Not only will it be a great method to rid your body of excess aluminum that you may have stored up from overuse of conventional deodorants, but it will continue to help your body release other nasty chemicals that may have entered your system via food, clothing, other hygiene products, etc. It works while you wear it and it has worked great as a deodorant as well. I haven’t used anything but Takesumi since receiving it a few months ago. I have tested this out for a while and did so on purpose to really get an idea of how this product works with my bodies ebbs and flows (due to monthly hormonal shifts, different eating patterns, and so on). I chose the cold pressed rose scent which smelled so lovely and really kept any body odour at bay. Of course, being someone who hasn’t used conventional deodorant in years, I was only able to see slight improvement (which even a slight improvement says something considering I likely didn’t have any build up from past conventional deodorants) this product will certainly provide stronger results in someone who hasn’t quite met the transition phase of natural deodorizing. From what I can tell, my body odour has reduced and that generally falls in line with a low toxic load. While I also tend to eat a very healthy diet I still have ‘cheat days’ here and there which the Takesumi detox may have helped with as well.


When starting the Takesumi detox, there are four steps in which you’ll notice different effects taking place in your underarms. The image below outlines these steps courtesy of Kaia Naturals, and I have listed the steps as well:


Week One: You will notice that there is No Odor.


Week Two: Starting to notice breakthrough odor which you can combat by re-applying the deodorant throughout the day.


Week Three: Excess sweat and odor will occur as the product is really starting to pull impurities to the surface of your skin.


Week Four: Odor and sweating is subsiding and your body has successfully made it through the transition phase to natural deodorant. Congratulations!


Post-Detox: You can continue to use the Takesumi Detox as a regular deodorant which will continue to help your body draw out impurities and lessen your toxic load internally.


Not only does this method work well, but it is one of the easiest methods of detoxing underarms that I’ve found to date. The Takesumi Detox comes in a variety of scents and I personally love the cold pressed rose. If you are in the midst of transitioning to natural deodorant, are considering it, or have done so already, this product will fit into your lifestyle. Takesumi is perfect for initial detoxes, continued detox support and maintenance . Have a look at Kaia’s Takesumi line HERE to check it out and get started on your own detox journey.


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