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Running after a toddler has proven to be a bit more action oriented than taking care of a newborn. My little one was on the move by 10 months making the last 6 months full of energy and fun. Time spent playing outside in the Summer and Fall months have also offered some new “challenges” to my hygiene routine. This extra workout each day meant that I needed to find a deodorant that lasted a little longer than what I had been using, as it just wasn’t holding up like it used to.

I have been leading a natural lifestyle for many years now and I have scoured the internet and natural health food stores for the best of the best when it comes to green living products. I am always happy to find the products that exceed my expectations. Even better when they exceed the performance of conventional and unclean products I was using years ago. By making sure what I put on my body is clean, I can be certain that I am also keeping my little one safe and am teaching her healthy habits from a young age.

Thankfully I found a natural version of long lasting deodorant from Tom’s of Maine. Tom’s of Maine is a leading company in the natural community and they carry a range of high performance and clean products. I am thrilled to have found their long lasting deodorants.  They are scientifically proven to last for 24 hours with odor-fighting hops, mineral zinc, and only natural fragrances. After using this deodorant for the past while I have found that it definitely holds up to my busy little lady and keeps me fresh all day long. I always ensure that the deodorants I am using are aluminum free and made with non-toxic ingredients. Their ingredient list certainly fits the bill, and can be read without getting your degree in chemistry.

As a conscious consumer, I am happy to say that Tom’s of Maine has hit all of my ‘musts’ when it comes to purchasing self care products. They are cruelty free, never testing on animals and do not contain any animal ingredients. Their container’s are fully recyclable thanks to their dedication towards ensuring they fit recycling program standards. Finally, Tom’s of Maine tops it off by being ethically sound and giving 10% of profits from each purchase back to causes that benefit people and the planet.

As for its performance, this deodorant glides on clear, smooth, and isn’t thick like many natural deodorants I’ve tested in the past. It soaks into your skin and hasn’t caused any skin irritations. This long lasting deodorant comes in a wide range of scents with options for both males and females. It even offers an unscented version for anyone who may be sensitive to scented products. My favourite feature of this deodorant has to be that it comes in a recyclable deodorant tube. Many times you have to apply natural deodorants from a pot with your hands which means it doesn’t exactly fit the bill for anyone that is on-the-go. I can toss this stick in my purse or diaper bag and bring it with me anywhere!

Tom’s of Maine deodorant is my new go-to product, especially for an active lifestyle. Not only is it keeping me fresh while I chase after my little one, but it has been a great asset to restarting my yoga practice after baby! The switch to a healthy deodorant has always been important to me. I became even more conscious of this decision when I got pregnant and had my first baby. Anything that goes onto my skin should be safe to have around her as well, and so I really relate to this story of Bev, who chose to switch to Tom’s of Maine when she became a Mama too.

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This post was developed in partnership with Tom’s of Maine. All opinions are my own

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