THIS ergonomical travel pillow has solved uncomfortable sleep on flights

Sometimes you find the holy grail when it comes to a product and I think I might have stumbled upon one here. It came a little late for my trip to Italy, but let me tell you how badly I could have used this head pillow on the flights back and forth. Instead I was left curling up into a ball against the window of the plane and those dreaded metal arm rests (that never seem to move all the way up so they aren’t sticking into your sides). I for one am all about inventions like this because as a Mother of one who has put myself in a plethora of awkward breastfeeding/sleeping positions, driven long distances at a previous job, and been not so easy on my body in sports, I tend to have a very compromisable neck and back. When travelling, I almost always book the overnight flights so I don’t cut into my sightseeing but I never seem to be able to get the rest I need while on route. The last thing anyone needs is to begin a vacation with a pulled neck or back pain. In steps my new travel friend from MonPere.

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This product was designed by a Massage therapist turned Kinesiotherapist who wanted to create an ergonomically correct way of sleeping during travel where your head could be kept on axis while you slept. After going through a number of prototypes, he stumbled across a design that was not necessarily expected (Aren’t all the best things in life found this way?). This final and very unique prototype is created in the shape of human arms with hands included and it couldn’t make more sense. Unless you sleep straight and stiff on your back with arms at each side of you (which I’ve never been able to understand, only Dracula could possibly sleep comfortably in that position), you generally use your arms to hold yourself in comfortable positions. I personally sleep on my stomach with my arms securely wrapped under my head for support, so having another “set of hands” that don’t cause my own arms to tire from hours of holding myself up is pure travel gold. Sylvain,  a Father and avid traveller found this design by using his own forearm. The pillow is just as soft and on a wire which can be folded into any position to hold you head up against your headrest, give a rest for your head to one side of your shoulder, use it as a rest on your table to sleep forward on your seat, there are endless positions with this pillow which is why it is the perfect “one size fits all” pillow. This is the next best thing to lugging your bed into the plane.


Here are some ways you can comfortably snooze with the MonPere travel pillow:

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Does MonPere’s pillow not look super cozy? There are just so many ways this travel pillow can be bent to make sleeping on flights, buses, or trains much more comfortable. Not to mention, when you’re done with it, you can bend the arms around your luggage handle to keep it stored till you need it again.

As a Mum, I am always thinking of ways it can help when it comes to travelling as a family. Travelling with little ones can add an element of difficulty and I feel like having the best gadgets to make it easier is priceless. Mothers of small children everywhere, can you imagine how easily you can feed or hold your babe while travelling? Forget it, this pillow would be great EVERY day when it comes to small babies. I have had my fair share of back and neck pain from breastfeeding positions, MonPere would have come in handy! If you’re travelling with older children, this design can be used by both children and adults (and the fun design will certainly be something that children will gravitate to). It might even be the solution to cranky little ones on long flights due to lack of proper sleep. but lets get real, parents are almost always used as the pillow when it comes to their children.. so at very best, YOU need this pillow to keep yourself comfortable while you hold your babes.

To grab one of your own head to their kickstarter HERE. You won’t regret this investment in extreme comfort. Your neck and back will thank you!

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  • Oooh! That’s a neat looking pillow. I’m definitely going to have to look into it!

    • Bloom & Clementine says:

      Its such a neat concept! I love how innovative it is and built by a kinesiotherapist which makes so much sense!

  • Anna says:

    This is a very neat pillow. This would really come handy to a lot of traveler . Thank you for sharing.

  • Devon says:

    Oh my goodness, I love this pillow! It looks cool and would be great for long car trips with the kids.

  • Belle says:

    Oh my gosh! I need that pillow in my life! We used to go home to the Philippines every year and always had issues sleeping on an almost 24-hour flight! This would have made traveling so much more comfortable for me!

    Belle | One Awesome Momma

    • Bloom & Clementine says:

      Seriously! I WISHED I had it for Italy lol it can make travel so much better!

  • JeeYoung says:

    I need this for my next trip. I think my kids will love it too! So comfy!

  • Jordan says:

    This pillow looks like a dream!

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